Tuesday, December 16, 2008

FLESH ♦chapter 1♦

The time has come. The most awaited moment of the whole vampire society has finally come. The birth of the Prince of Darkness.

The whole vampire society gathered at the de Valdivia mansion in Las Vegas. Everyone's is excited.

"This is the day that the Prince of Darkness is born," Charles de Valdivia said." The child who will lead the vampire society in the near future."

The attention of the crowd was focused on the new born baby.

"I shall name him Lyko. Lyko de Valdivia, the Prince of Darkness! The child that will save us all!" the mother of the child, Atasha de Valdivia said to her fellow vampires with enthusiasm and excitement.

The vampires cheered for it was the day that they're assured of eternal life.

The de Valdivia family is known for their richness. They are the 3rd richest family in the whole world. But despite of their public-exposed life, the people doesn't know their deep, dark secret. They are the head of the vampires all over the world.

Now, the third son and the youngest son of the family is born, they believe that this child will reign and rule the whole society and will save them because vampires are already extinct because of vampire slayers who kept on hunting them during the World War.

The kid grew up not knowing his destiny. They've decided not to let him know to let him enjoy his life first. They'll reveal it when he reaches age of 21.

Lyko grew up into a handsome young boy. He was a rebel. He is very self-centered and believes he could get whatever he wants. In terms of attitude, he's very different from his older brothers.

When he was 20, he decided to move out from the mansion and live on his own.

"I don't want to live here anymore. I'm so sick and tired of your faces" Lyko calmly said to his parents and brothers.

"What are you trying to pull, Lyko?" his mother said.

"I want to stay here no more!" Lyko replied. "I want to live in New York. I want you to find me some place there. As soon as possible."

"But how about your studies?" his father asked.

Lyko answered, "Find a school there. I want it as soon as possible, Dad. And please, I don't want this to be revealed in the media. I want to leave peacefully. No cameras, no reporters, no questions."

Lyko left the room. His parents were forced to do what he wanted. They immediately bought a mansion in New York and asked workers to renovate the place with a modern twist.

Weeks have passed and the renovation was finished. Lyko is all set to go. But before he could go, his parents told him something.

"You can go on your own. You can live on your own. But..." his mother said.

"But, what?" Lyko asked.

"But you can only go if you'll bring Yuan with you." his mother continued.

"Is that it?" he then asked.

His parents nodded.

"No problem." he said.

"You better be good there, Lyko!" his older brother, Amir, jokingly said.

"Shut up, will you?" Lyko replied

"Control your temper when you reach there." Yvan, the oldest of the three, said.

"What the hell!" Lyko said, and is beginning to be pissed off.

"Just call us if there's a problem." Charles said to Yuan.

Yuan is the loyal housekeeper of the de Valdivia family. He was serving the family since he was just a kid. He is trusted by the family. He was brought along with Lyko to New York to watch over Lyko.

"Yes, Master Charles." Yuan respectfully answered Charles.

As Lyko ordered, no media is present. He left Las Vegas with their private jet. He's pretty clueless of what he will happen to him in New York. All he want is privacy. Not knowing his destiny.